Saturday, June 30, 2007


Stuck here in my non-air-conditioned, increasingly eco-friendly abode (not exactly a deliberate choice), my grade 9 gym class’ mantra repeats itself in my head: “Girls don’t sweat, we glow.” Suuuuure. However, being cooped up in here for days on end while madly working on the television show Cyberchase has had its benefits. I have discovered the only way of beating the sweltering heat of summer. Goodbye popsicles, pools and fans. Sandwich bags filled with ice cubes? Been there, done that. Instead, I have channelled my intense wish for cold into beautiful backgrounds of ice palaces and endless snowy fields. What better way to beat the heat than to paint snow? Thank you, Cyberchase! (And maybe next time I’ll take a nice eco-friendly bike ride to the nearest air-conditioned mall.)

Please note that the backgrounds are property of PIP Animation.

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