Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mumsey

It's almost my Mom's birthday, and since I won't see her for it, I gave her her present in advance over reading week. She was sooo happy; apparently I've never ever given her any of my artwork before. She loved this painting. It goes perfectly with all the colours of our house. I know, I know, Italy is more my thing than hers, but it's still pretty. (And besides, beachy landscapes don't exactly match the decor of our house.) Anyhoo, the painting is...oh my gosh i forget the size...well it's the biggest size of illustration board one can purchase at the Sheridan bookstore, if that helps! And it's acrylic paint. Happy almost Birthday Mom!

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Sultan said...

This painting is amazing! It's so an incredible luminous quality and is so moody. I really like the way the composition is worked out.