Thursday, September 15, 2011

3.5 Years Later

Hi Everyone!

Long time no…uh…post? It’s been about three and a half years since the last time I posted anything on my art blog and I finally felt it was just about time to do it again. I can’t believe it’s been that long – it’s not that I wasn’t producing anything, but after I graduated I became very passionate about many different things like gardening, yoga and baking and when I got home from work each night, I spent my downtime exploring my new passions. I think I’ve managed to settle into a newer, more balanced routine and I’ve come to really look forward to and relish the time I get to spend doing a little bit of personal artwork every day now.

So I felt like sharing this today. This is Rudigger, a little kitten that we found one night this summer when he came to the patio door clawing at the screen and frantically climbing it all the way to the top. He had blood and scabs over his eyes and had obviously been in a fight and he was just too tiny and too skinny. So we took him in and made a little spot for him in the garage and fed him and played with him and he’s doing so well now! He’s the most playful and friendly kitten I’ve ever met and he follows you around like a puppy at your heels. Because of allergies we couldn’t keep him but we found a lovely home for him with kids and I know he’s so happy. I really miss eating my breakfast outside with him curling around my feet and the lazy afternoons when he would fall asleep in my lap, so I made this piece to remember him by. One of my favourite memories of him is when we were painting the deck furniture and he stepped in the wet paint and tracked it all over the pavement. A little clichéd, maybe, but it really gives a feel for his curious and playful personality.

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