Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One by One

I just got home from seeing the Lion King in 3D. It was wonderful to watch one of my favourite movies on the big screen again. I spent the summer it came out sitting in that theatre, watching it over and over and over again. I still know the entire movie by heart. The 3D aspect of it was kind of bothersome to me, but most 3D is. I still can’t get over the grayness the glasses give the picture. I usually have them perched at the bottom of my nose so I can see the true colour along with the blurriness, but the chance to see The Lion King again was just too enticing and I put up with the 3D. Actually, I got the chance to see The Lion King in real 3D this summer, not once but twice, when the Broadway musical came to town. It was so beautiful and magical. Here’s a painting I did based on one of my favourite songs from the musical: One by One. This song in particular was so engaging as some of the actors were in the balconies and around the orchestra floor as well as on stage, flying their birds around over our heads. I felt like I was in the jungle with them!

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