Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

So I’m preeeetty sure that Jane Austen never spent her Halloweens carving pumpkins, and if she did I’m also pretty sure she looked a lot more serene and dainty doing it, but really, where’s the fun in that? Scraping out the pumpkin goo with your hands is the best! I’m a big Halloween geek – I love decorating and crafternooning to make all sorts of spooky decorations and cooking pumpkin soup and eating it out of more hollowed-out pumpkins and putting together my (sometimes very elaborate) costumes. Oh, and listening to the Monster Mash a bazillion times. Usually I spend a lot more time planning my Halloween, but this year it just sort of crept up on us and left us with not very much time to plan anything. But I did manage to throw together this Jane Austen costume using stuff I already had. Yes, I actually own a cropped pink paisley blazer…um…ew. It may offend some people’s fashionista senses and sensibilities but I was pretty happy it was still hanging up in my bag of “maybe I’ll just keep this old stuff for a costume one day” clothes when I was putting together my costume this year.
Have a very happy and spooky Halloween and maybe listen to the Monster Mash once for me.

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