Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gothic Mist

Here in Ottawa we’ve had a very early and very intense start to spring, with summer–like temperatures in the high 20’s. Unnatural, but hard not to enjoy. But those high temperatures have brought along with it lots of beautifully eerie morning fog and mist. Last weekend as I woke up, I looked outside and just knew I had to get out and take pictures. The mist was incredibly thick and since the trees are still bare it felt so gothic, like I had stepped into the pages of a Bronte novel. We walked all through the backyard, snapping these pictures and waiting all the time for Mr. Rochester to come riding out of the misty forest on his horse.

We walked until the sun came out and started to burn off the mist. It became so wispy and mesmerizing. Unfortunately the pictures can’t capture just how beautiful the slow, dancing rhythm of the wisps of mist in the spring breeze is. But these will have to suffice.

Naturally when we got back in I was quite inspired so I did my little interpretation of the time that Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester meet for the first time. Inspired a little by the 2011 film too; I just love that scene and that set so much and wanted more of the film to take place in that moody, gothic mist.

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