Sunday, July 22, 2012

Van Gogh in Ottawa

Last week we went to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. Despite the increase in price, the exhibit was wonderful, focusing mostly on his still-life and landscape paintings. It was inspiring to see so many van Goghs in the same room! This is definitely one of the bigger shows that the gallery has put on in a long time. I know Dominic was especially happy to see it as Van Gogh is one of his favourite artists. (I kept looking around hoping to see the Doctor and Amy wandering around the gallery – I didn’t). Here is my imagining of van Gogh out painting sunflowers, happy and calm as he told his brother Theo he was whenever he painted. I completely understand that calming effect that painting can have; I always enjoy losing myself in a painting and forgetting about everything around me.

If you’re in Ottawa at all this summer, the exhibit is definitely worth checking out! Run to it!

Tomorrow I’m off to San Francisco for a bit – I’ve never been and I’m very excited – before returning and leaving almost right after for the east coast.  I hope to have some art to share when I get back!

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